" Certainty comes
from the evidence. "

indie Beverly Katz
from Hannibal (TV)



    Will gave Beverly a small smile in turn. He appreciated her company. And this work was dragging on for so long that he felt like he was going to fall asleep at his desk so the coffee was greatly appreciated as well. He took up the cup and took a swig before addressing Beverly’s question.

    “Trying to find a connection between the current spring of murders and past ones. If there is any connection anyway. So far I’ve got nothing. Guess neither of us has been up to anything exciting tonight.” 


     Her weight settled against the desk as she made herself comfortable. She echoed his movement and sipped at her own cup, relishing in the heat that settled in the core of her abdomen and promised she could keep her eyes open for another ten minutes. At least ten.

     “We can always go on youtube and watch videos of cute animals.” Brown hues slid to his research. Somehow they always got the bizarre cases. No one murdered normally. She leaned over to see what he was currently looking at. It was like trying to put together a jigsaw with some the pieces missing.

     Her gaze met his. “You have dogs, right?”



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Will had been sitting at his desk for several hours now in front of his laptop, this case was making him lose more sleep than usual. He gave Beverly a grateful smile when she offered him the coffee.

"Coffee sounds great, thank you," he said, taking it from her. "I would think you’d be home already."

     “And leave you on your own?” There was a humored tint to her expression. It wasn’t that she thought Will couldn’t handle himself at this hour, or that he needed babysitting, she just figured he could use a bit of company.

     She shrugged and came around to the other side of the desk, holding her own cup. “I had a report to finish up. What are you doing all by your lonesome?”

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/spills coffee on you both. 


At some point in the evening he’d managed to lose his wallet and his glasses. And now Will was peering at his old badge Special Agent Will Graham and wondering where it had all gone wrong.

Drinking had seemed like the best solution. But he had discovered that when he ignored phone calls and e-mails, people tended to come to his home and find him. If he wasn’t at home, then they couldn’t find him. 

Brilliant plan. 

However, it seemed that the fates were against him and someone had found him. Will huffed and tried to stand up straight, but his limbs seemed longer than he remembered and they were all working against him. He instead settled for a drunken grin sent haphazardly in Beverly’s direction.

"Yup. Great. Absolutely fine. Are you ok?"

     He didn’t look fine. Beverly looked him over, certain he was beyond the point of sobriety. At least he was coherent, though she wasn’t sure how long that would last.

     “Yeah.” Her brows came together. “—How many drinks have you had?”

     She didn’t know if Will was a heavy drinker. Maybe he was; maybe it was a way to — she didn’t know — quell the ruckus in his head. Regardless, he looked like he was two seconds away from making fast friends with the floor.


absence of evidence; 

i’ve been reading a new favorite of mine — The Night Angel Trilogy — which, admittedly, has been distracting me, and i looked through one of the interviews with the author: Brent Weeks. one of the questions he’s asked made me pause because of the answer he gives. 

basically, it’s what character he liked writing the most, and he names two, one male and one female (i’m keeping names out because it’s not important rn). the answer he gave for the female includes—

     ” I think it has to do with writers’ desire to create strong female characters. Too often, these women end up as men with breasts: female, sociopathic James Bond. If they have emotions, they have “weak” emotions.  

i post this here because, well, beverly. i don’t see her as fitting into the “men with breasts” category. she isn’t a damsel either. while, undoubtedly, she is a female, it’s better to cast off the gender assigning and just treat her as a person. she is a human with thoughts and opinions and feelings. gender has nothing to do with what directs her actions.

i don’t believe she sees herself as a “strong female” or some sort of challenge against males. she doesn’t lead a pro-feminism brigade because she’s overly concerned about how misogynistic men might see her. she might get upset over being ridiculed, but that’s a given; anyone would get upset if they were being put down. but that’s not the first or sole purpose of her drive to excel. 

beverly is a strong character. a strong person. to slap some label onto her would be an injustice to who she is — not whatwho. beverly does what she does because she’s good at it. she doesn’t make a contest of it. she knows she has faults. she knows she has strengths. everyone is a person, regardless their gender. 

not to say she completely ignores if someone is a man or woman. no, she’s got that down. but that’s not the point of this post. gender is a label produced by mental checklists pressed upon the mind by societal expectations for each. sex is a genetic coding determined upon pregnancy.

the two are different, and beverly shouldn’t be hindered or weighed down because of whatever people think should or ought to be displayed by her gender. don’t get me started on the whole uproar on her death. 



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