" Certainty comes
from the evidence. "

indie Beverly Katz
from Hannibal (TV)

so… i busted my hand today — i’m typing this slowly. /cries. — at work. it’s swollen and hurts. ugh. i’m sorry there’s been nothing but ooc posts lately. i’m not even using my regular computer right now, so i don’t have all my stuff. |: i know i sound a bit like a broken record, but i’ll try and get something worthwhile done soon. poke some people. have them indulge me with cheetos. share with me gross science, etc. until then, i’m gonna let my hand heal and lurk. like a creepy, dead, sliced up asian woman. haunting your dreams, yo.

ohhh boy. i’m alive. i haven’t touched my computer all week — likewise i haven’t even checked up on tumblr. it’s an interesting experience to be away from here, not even to peek at my dash. anyway, i’m back and i’m going to poke at things. my brain’s still not quite in it, but we’ll see how things go. 

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(Boyd ignores the request while Andy tucks you in, rubs your shoulders and procures a salad bowl of Cheetos)



He snorted as he plopped her down on the bed gracelessly. “That’s as much I’m doing. You can feed the Cheetos to yourself, loser.”

     A soft sound of displeasure was made in his direction before she stretched out on the bed. “This is how much you love me? And I thought we were buds.

     “Carry me to bed and feed me Cheetos.” She was exhausted.

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i swear this is a roleplay blog. i’ve just been slacking because of a lack of muse and energy. work has been sapping my energy, and whatever reserves i have are put towards mindless youtube browsing or staring at pretty things — things that don’t require brain power. 

beverly and i have been indulging in videos about animals, jimmy fallon, and horror things (which is, for the most part, a mistake for me because i’m a wuss, but bev’s enjoying it so i’m rolling with it).

anyway, i’m still adjusting to the schedule because now i’m being called in to work weekends. open to close, baby. yaaay. |: idk how long this adjusting period will last since there’s some major adjustments going on at work, but hopefully it’ll straighten out and bev and i can kick some zeller ass and frolic with will across fields of flowers with our pets. the day isn’t over until these things are done.

guess who dragged themselves out of the slimey pit called work? this fella. as it stands, i don’t have drafts to hash out (none that i’m aware of), so that’s something, but if anyone wants to do a thing, feel free to like / reply to this post. if my brain can work, we can do a bit of plotting or a random starter. or something.

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